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DisplaySearch FPD 2011 November 2011

DisplaySearch FPD, San Diego, CA
March 1-2, 2011


The first day of the DisplaySearch FPD conference highlighted the important shifts in the FPD display market. This is being driven by the saturation of HD FPD televisions in mature markets, the role of the smart phone and the long term adoption of display technologies such as OLED. At the same time Apple is posed to be the largest customer of Samsung and has made significant investments in LG. Apple is having an impact to FPD supply chain due to its volume and technology needs.

Growth is returning to the FPD industry but at a slower pace. In 2009 the market contracted significantly from $105B in 2008 to $90B in 2009. In 2010 it rose back up to $115B but growth is expected to be more modest. Today SmartPhones are the growth driver in the market.

In the television market, the growth has shifted to emerging markets but the profile of the buying patterns is quite different. Clearly price is a factor but the screen size is in the 30” to 39” range, which is in the highly commoditized sector.

The PC market is going mobile with the emphasis on the slate form factor. The Netbook market is predicted to be virtually wiped out by the slates by 2014.

Corning provided its view of the market and its future products.

Touch Screens Market Growth Abounds.

Financial Analysis of the Retail Market Sector.

DisplaySearch talks about the PC and Tablet Market.

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