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0702.1 CES Las Vegas 2007

0702.1 CES Las Vegas 2007
By John Latta

Las Vegas, NV
8 – 11, 2007

CES 2007

There is over 1m sq. ft. of show floor space, 140,000 came from 130 countries. CES is Comdex and CE in one. We keep wondering is it too large to be manageable? Yet, the quality of the exhibits remains high. This is the 40th year of CES and continues to be on a roll.

Cisco Keynote

The WAVE having been to many John Chambers presentations, this was a classic. Smooth delivery, engaged audience, finely tuned message points, strategic and peppered with demos to illustrate concepts rather than products.

Key points included:

     Cisco is to build the Human Network.

     The key to future business is the ability to predict market
     transitions, develop of vision of how to respond to these,
     formulate a strategy and execute. Cisco believes that it has
     done well here with its predictions of market transitions in
     1997, 2000 and 2006.

     The transition to the human network is founded on the
     transition from analog to digital but more important the
     creation of new experiences. An example of this is to post a
     movie on YouTube. There are an infinite number of ways in
     which individuals can post content, the business model is
     around the use experience and the technology is totally

     The characteristics of the home network include:

          Converged – data, voice, video and mobility

     The network has evolved in terms of the ways in can be used:

          Connection – eCommerce
          Communications – VoIP call
          Collaboration – Wikipedia
          Participation – YouTube

     We should no longer be concerned about a single device but
     any device, any content. Thus the challenge is to eliminate
     boundaries, silos and complexity.

     A key tenant is the people subscribe to people and not to
     services. Your content follows you everywhere.

     Cisco’s participation in the Oakland A’s new ball park is a
     major testing ground for connecting users. The completion of
     Cisco Field is 3 – 4 years away but it will connect the fans
     like not see before, including on their cell phones while
     watching the game. Digital signage will also play a role in
     the stadium. Cisco intends that this be a major activity and
     it is called out in its road map.

     Cisco TelePresence has transformed remote interaction over
     video, in a business setting. A consumer version is 4 –
     5 years away. An illustration of both were shown in the

     All networks will transform to quad play – data, voice,
     video and mobility.

     It was predicted that by 2010 only 20 homes will create the
     same Internet traffic that the entire Internet in 1995.

     The connected experience requires simplicity. Cisco’s major
     challenge is to accomplish this – complex technology but
     simple user experience. Devices install and register

     The network is the platform.

     When Cisco has participated in new markets it has been
     successful. Examples where Cisco has captured market share
     in new markets include:

          Wireless – 65%
          Security – 38%
          Networked Home – 51%
          Storage Area Networks – 24%
          Digital Video – 68%

     Cisco has shipped 81m consumer devices to date. It has
     formed a new media solutions group internal to Cisco. It
     claims no technology religion – standards based, device
     neutral, content agnostic and customer focused.

     The first time that displays have outsold the PC since 1996
     was this year.

     The Cisco roadmap includes:

          Personal Content
          Home Networking
          Broadband Access
          Home Monitoring

     There were 2 demo sessions and these showed a level of
     integration consistent with the strategy not seen before. A
     migration of content and user preference from the car, to
     the PC, to the living room to the phone.

     In order to succeed in this strategy Cisco will collaborate
     with others and acquire companies. There are at least 3
     additional acquisitions in process in this market space.
     Cisco has shown how acquisitions can be made successful.

The following was provided at the news conference.

     Cisco will be going to one consumer brand – Cisco.

     With the network as the platform and the delivery of the
     user experience is device agnostic, we will be much less
     dependent on devices.

     The opportunity space is more like a Greenfield that an
     existing market.

     Cisco will develop a set of APIs and make these available to
     its partners to accomplish these experiences.

     We believe that Cisco can accomplish this with its
     traditional CE gross margins – 20% and thus it expects to
     have Cisco positioned as a premium brand.


Innovations from the Show Floor

     Logitech – Moves New Navigation Technology into the Mainstream

When The WAVE first spotted NuLOOQ navigator and NuLOOQ tooldial at PMA 2006 we were impressed. Then at CeBit we asked Guerrino De Luca where this product fit. His response included:

     We believe this is a seed to a much larger market. An
     example where a new paradigm of navigation/productivity is
     required is Google Earth. It is hard to follow a river for
     example. With this type of tool it is possible to implement
     new forms of navigation that we believe will be required by

That is exactly what was shown at CES. 3Dconnexion has announced the Space Navigator for $59. This will support CAD and GIS professionals but it has consumer navigation application. Then a demo was shown with Google Earth. The Space Navigator ID is not the same as NuLOOQ but it still can be operated with a few fingers. The navigation includes X & Y but also zoom. The demo began in the San Francisco Bay Area, then a fly down the Grand Canyon and navigation over Paris and around the Eiffel Tower, including a 3D model. It was stated that the mouse and Space Navigator worked well together. The mouse can be used for pointing and menu selection while the Space Navigator does just this. Right now Logitech is testing the market and focusing on web sales.


          Claimed to be the smallest Internet radio device this
          has Ethernet connectivity and WiFi. It only weights 75
          grams. Storage media is SD MMC and HDD. It will capture
          MP3 streams and playback MP3 and Real Audio.

     Ambient Devices

          Ambient Devices was showing a weather predicting
          umbrella. At the base of the umbrella is a handle which
          picks up the weather from the Internet. The base then
          glows if the weather will require the use of the
          umbrella today.

     The Dream Machine

          Shown was a suspended motion chair. Sitting in the
          chair an individual would drive a vehicle and feel the
          motion. It attracted crowds. Company in Australia.


          Elksen addressed the UMPC keyboard problem with a
          solution which combined a carrying case with a
          keyboard. The keyboard was on top of the carrying case
          and easy to use.

     Emtrace Technologies

          This Korean company is showing a desktop hardware
          device that looks like a alarm clock – WidgetStation.
          Its front is a LCD display to show various widgets.
          These can be downloaded from the Internet or Emtrace.
          The unit runs Linux on an ARM9 processor, has a remote,
          and can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi. The display
          is a dual 2.5” LCD.


          Jawbone is a hear held earphone and microphone. It
          claims significant performance advantages. This is
          accomplished by individual speech identification,
          Speech is “felt.” Noise removal and audio enhancement.

     MoGo Mouse

          This is an optical Bluetooth mouse the size of a credit
          card. It can be stored in the ExpressCard/54 slot and
          charges automatically. There is a slight elevator
          bracket which unfolds from the bottom of the card which
          puts the mouse on a slight incline. The mouse is then
          moved just like an ordinary mouse. Innovative. $79.99.


          Pcalchemy has multiple versions of the Windows MCE in
          small form factor boxes. The Mini MCE can be held in
          ones hand. It includes a DVR, DVD, MP3 and computer in
          one package that only needs a display. There are
          optional storage modules for 250GB and 750GB. They also
          have a TV tuner on a USB adapter which allows for on-
          air recording of content.

     Swann Communications

          A complete line of home security products was being
          shown. One of the more innovative is the ability to do
          motion detection in real time and send an e-mail when
          detected – called CaptureCam. The video can then be fed
          to a cell phone. They also have a Digital Private Eye
          hidden still camera and recorder.

     T.S. MicroTech

          Shown in the booth was in incar camera for $99, a
          complete security systems with 4 cameras for $499 and a
          2MP IP canera for $199.


          This company got a tremendous amount of publicity. It
          has a flat surface, like a thin metal fabric, which can
          lie on any surface called the WildCharger Pad. This
          plugs into the wall. A device to be charged is plugged
          into an adapter and set on the pad. The device, be it a
          cell phone, digital camera, or laptop is then charge
          with no direct electrical contact. Multiple devices can
          be charged at a time. Impressive.


          The original video phone sells for $395 and will work
          on a standard phone line. It also has a cordless phone
          with it. New model was shown in the booth and it is due
          in Q3 for $250. Practically no ID – it looks like a
          brick sandwich. It has no conventional phone as part of
          the product. Claims 30f/s and the image quality seems
          to reflect this. QCIF phone. Both phones come with a
          $9.95/mo service fee.

Home Server Products


          In 2005 Seagate purchased Mirra. The product is a
          personal server. It allows individuals to share data on
          all network computers and access the data from any
          location. Web access to the Mirra server is provided
          free. Each computer has a client which runs
          continuously and notifies Mirra of any changes in files
          and enables incremental backup. Mirra
          has the following attributes:

               Mirra runs Linux but is fully secure. It is not
               possible to get internally to Mirra from the
               outside. Mirra never opens a file.

               Seagate offers the MirraGuard guarantee. If a file
               is lost with Mirra Seagate guarantees to recover
               it and if Mirra fails Seagate will do forensic

               Mirra sharing is transparent to users. One can
               publish a folder and it automatically appears on
               every desktop with sharing privileges.

               There is no user set up.

               Mirra works equally as well with Windows and

               The most popular unit has 500GB in storage and
               sells for $599.

               File backup on the client is continuous.

               Mirra is headless.

               Mirra does not use AD and provides sync on the

               The product has been sold for 2 years.

               Mirra supports the mobile office with its web
               based remote access.

          Sales to homes have been limited to ones that are
          already data centric and sophisticated, but this is a
          small part of the overall sales.


          They have two backup servers: StorCenter Pro ($999) and
          StoCenter ($799). Each uses Dantz Retrospect Backup
          software. Also included is CA Brightsor ARCServe and CA
          eTrust Antivirus.


WAVE Comments

Where are the new product categories?  It was very difficult to find something new. The floor was myopic on refinements or tailgating successful products, such as in accessories. Possibly the only two which we would call new are the umbrella from Ambient Devices and the charger from WildCharge. This is certainly a disappointment given all the words about innovation which flow from this event and the industry as a whole.

The last 3 CES events were big on displays and it was even more so in 2007. As John Chambers said, 2007 is the first year since 1996 that more displays were sold than PCs. As The WAVE has seen at other events, the market growth in flat panel displays and televisions is driving the CE industry. In the Samsung, LG and Sharp boots the product displays were skewed to displays. It also begs the question – is there life after television? With the end of analog television in the US in February 2009 the industry is looking forward to 3 or more glowing years and the show floor reflected this.

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